Favorite Villain Hop (Bookswagger Stop)

Favorite Villians Hop BookswaggerWe are talking villains. When I think villains who are lovable I think of stories featuring a-hole heroes just not to the women they love after they realize they love her that is. They may try to kill her a time or two first maybe three. My favorite villain is from a sci-fi romance. His name is Travis he is in Kidnapped by Maria Hammarblad and he is feared across the universe because the man has done some bad things, but it is not his fault. I mean he was raised as a machine by a truly evil woman, he knew not what he did.

I am seeing this type of character in Motorcycle Club reads as well, I think that is why I have been so drawn to them lately. I have found a few new series I love by L Wilder/Brooke Asher, Jaci J and Emily Minton, In real life these dudes would not stand a chance in hell with me. But I love reading about them!

I never talk television but I just have to when talking villains because my new favorite show has some I hate and love! I am rooting for The Captain on Sleepy Hollow, while I want Katrina and her kid dead already. I mean come on, why is she still living who likes her? Who?

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One of the titles above straight from Amazon or ARe your choice. Just comment below Have you ever fell for a villain? Book or television/movies fair game.

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Consume Me (Ravage MC, 3), Ryan Michele (Motorcycle Club Review)

Consume MEConsume Me (Ravage MC, 3), Ryan Michele

Blaze new name fits, she is much better than the person she used to be. She does not date, although probably not what you would expect from a stripper in a MC controlled exotic dance club. Blaze just know with men comes trouble and sometimes, the I don’t date rule is better than any relief a man could potentially provide.

Tug a prospect in the Ravage Motorcycle Club, knows what he wants and it is Blaze. He wants more than the casual hook up, or quick toss he can easily obtain from the club W (woooo, you thought I was going to say it). He finds in Blaze someone he wants to get to know, despite the secrets he is sure she has.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I love this series, this is book three and it follows the expectations I have regarding Ryan Michele’s heroine. No matter their background or the things they have been through in life or how soft they appear, they have a backbone of steel that proves the right man can make bend. Blaze is no different. She is used to being on her own and protecting herself. Watching her date Tug an alpha man who likes to take care of and be there for the women in his life was sweet. She has to get used to letting someone else watch her back and boy does the sparks fly!

Straight to the Swagger: Heroine who I never thought I would like has me on her team and a hero who values the good things in life, like the woman he knows is for him and is not afraid to do a few dirty deeds.

Ravage Me

Book one is the series currently on sale for .99 

Passion Shields Series, Kiru Taye (IR/Multicultural Review/Tour)

TourPassion Shields Series, Kiru Taye

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. This was an interesting series, one reason I enjoy Taye is she provides another perspective, a different cultural view while still dishing the romance. This series packed some serious bedroom heat, I was surprised ( I never knew she got down like that). The dominant/submissive elements were an added bonus and I loved how she approached it. This was for the bedroom only, Ben or Benjamin when he is in dom mode knew he married a strong woman in Selina so he did not try that 24/7 ish with her.  The connection between Selina and Ben was so hot and that is what kept me in the series, that and the family drama. I mean this is romance, we need that conflict and a man that goes toe to toe for his girl is hot!

I do have to admit the start of the series was a little jarring, so much so I had to look it up to make sure I was reading book one. Ben and Selina had all this history and I felt like I joined the party late, but after that first XXX scene, I knew I was sticking around. So give at least book one a try, you will want to read on.

Straight to the Swagger: The bed is on fire, with these two hitting the sheets! Conflict and watching a man go hard for his woman (so hot),plus a chance to peak into another culture.

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Description Provided: This is a multi-part series following the exploits of the sexy men and women of the Moss Star Security firm owned by Benjamin Moss and Christopher Star. We meet the lovers they possess, the clients they protect and travel internationally from London to Freetown, from Johannesburg to Los Angeles in sexy stories packed with sizzling secrets and thrilling suspense.

Contains: XXX situations, strong language and some violence.

Scars (Passion Shields, book 1)

She clutches at control to cover her flaws. He wants to strip her bare because she’s beautiful.

Selina Moss hides a secret beneath her controlled happy exterior. Her body is covered in scars and she’s never revealed them to anyone. She’s not beautiful and she doesn’t want pity.

However, it’s her wedding night and husband, Benjamin Moss, is determined to strip down her barriers.

Benjamin is not playing fair, not when he’s deploying breath-stealing seduction as well as mind-melting sex toys. But will he still want her when she bares all?

Secrets (Passion Shields, book 2)

Her body is his to command, her heart his to win.

Selina Moss bared her body to her husband and allowed him to see her and touch her like no one else has ever done. When a member of the family visits, she realizes there is still so much about her husband she doesn’t know.

Benjamin’s remorse about his family history drives his actions. Selina is his present and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her from being contaminated by his past, including revealing the shame that burns his soul.

But for Selina, finding out about Benjamin’s past means investing emotionally in a man who’s only going to walk away once their temporary arrangement comes to an end. Is she ready to bare her heart to him along with the secrets of their past?

Scores (Passion Shields, book 3)

His love possesses her. Will it protect her too?

Benjamin Moss has proven how much he cares about his wife, Selina. She pushed him to shred his iron control and bare his soul to her. In return he’s earned her much guarded heart as well as her body.

But her past has finally caught up with her and scores will have to be settled before they can have a happy ending. Can Benjamin’s love protect her from those who seek to destroy both of them? Or will she finally lose the man who’s possessed her body as well as her heart?

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Best Audiobooks of 2014 Blog Hop (Bookswagger Stop)

Audiobook HopBest Audiobooks of 2014 Blog Hop

Audio books can be a challenge, if there is something off about the writing boy does it show when you add sound. I mean drawn out scenes in print, you can just apply speed reading, the couple taking too long to hook up, to the point you want to do an intervention and say either pi$$ or get off the pot. Well those things are glaringly, irritatingly obvious in audio.

In 2014 I had two books I really enjoyed and they were both in the paranormal spectrum and I have read both of these in print, so I kind of knew what I was getting into.

Playing with FirePlaying with Fire, Gena Showalter
Narrated by: Jessica Almasy
Length: 12 hrs and 29 mins
Series: Belle Jamison, Book 1
Belle Jamison is misunderstood, yes she has some trouble being on time and holding onto her menial jobs but, she has other duties. She is the last person you would expect to gain superhuman powers and a fine shadow in Super Spy Agent Rome.

Rome does not know if he can trust Belle, he has been sent to neutralize her. Unfortunately he cannot bring himself to do it, instead he convinces her to join forces.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. This listen has some ugly reviews but I love this series, it reads like a funny urban fantasy and I love action books that make me laugh. Belle and Rome are a unlikely team. He is super hot, dark and moody. Belle handles a lot of the unexpected situations like a normal person. I mean who would deal well with hot creepy men with super powers chasing you and your crush with an ex with the power to read your mind!

Straight to the Swagger: Tell of opposites attracting and funny, plus a hot hero who does not know what to do with the crazy chick he has fallen for.
Mate SetMate Set: Mating Heat, Book 1, Laurann Dohner
Narrated by: G. C. VonCloudts
Length: 7 hrs and 25 mins
Series: Mating Heat, Book 1
Mika a human is nursing a broken heart in a shifter town during mating season (can you just smell the trouble). She gets caught in the open by a group of mangy male shifters who think she is fair game because she is human and not mated. Along comes fine, strapping Grady, who happens to be one of the top enforcers in the local pack.

Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. I like this book, what can I say I bought it twice. There are some slow parts and Grady the half human, half shifter had some human issues. Which made him ubber team shifter, it caused some great conflict between him and Mika but you know sometimes authors do not know when to ease up. Put a fork in the thing. But it was still great!

Mika and Grady fought, made up fought other bad guys you name it, the story came packing with plenty of action.

Straight to the Swagger: Think alpha male, cool human chick who knows just a little too much about shifters gets her own bodyguard and boy what they do with the time!


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The Sweetest Taboo, Harper Miller (IR/MC/BDSM Romance Review)

Sweetest Taboo Harper MillerThe Sweetest Taboo: An Unconventional Romance, Harper Miller

Micah Foster is submissive, she knows what she wants and it is a dominant man. Now finding that man…

Dom Rick Thomas meets Micah at Spanxx the local fetish club but before he can get to know her as a Dom he is in doctor mode helping her through dire circumstances in the real world, beyond the anonymity of Spanxxx.

Micah thought she did not want to get to know Dom Rick Thomas better, but Dr. Thomas proved to be the Dom she needed to make her want a serious relationship.

These two deal with real issues while coming to terms with what they want and need from each other.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. Okay, I like Micha, she was not damaged, raised by two sane parents who we got to meet. I mean if I had to read another BDSM book where the heroine has turned to bdsm because of some childhood or teen dating drama. Dag I know we need black moments in these reads but let’s dig a little deeper. So I was like OMG she is AA, has herself together this is going to be good and it was. The relationship was intimate, very little club scening most of the xxx scenes took place in the bedroom or home playroom. Micah and Rick relationship progressed how I would expect one of my good, good girlfriends relationships to progress, if she were oh so lucky, as to meet a hot dominating doctor but I doubt they grow on trees, at least not in North Carolina.

Now a few things were a little jarring like the summer of 2009, beginning flash back and the heroine referring to herself in lowercase i. I get the “i”, I have seen it before in bdsm books, the sub refers to herself in lowercase and the 2009 stuff really was not necessary, just read on you will get to the good stuff it was just a few pages.

Straight to the Swagger: It is so hard to find a heroine with all of her right mind, you will find it in this read. The Sweetest Taboo is all about a couple getting to know each other and hot XXX.


Given, Lisa G. Riley and Roslyn Hardy Holcomb (Multicultural Historical Romance Review)

GivenGiven (Eshu Chronicles Book 1), Lisa G. Riley, Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Mary Katherine Day does not desire to ever enter into the contract of marriage. She has everything she could ever want, her own home, business and friends. She does not see the need to marry a certain tall, bald man even though he makes her feel things no proper single, virginal woman should.

Jacob Adams is Eshu, he can shift into any creature at will, often choosing the bear. He knows what he wants and he wants one Miss Katherine Day. Which is why he proposed to her the first day he met her and why he kept proposing.

These two strangers cannot escape each other and their attraction, while working together on the dangerous Underground Railroad.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Cute short read. The hero Jacob certainly knows what he wants although it takes a little bit of wooing to get Mary Katherine on board. The opening scene is the best scene of the book, so I will not spoil it for you but it did make me look at the bible in a new light. Just saying. This is not a typical meet and mated, since Mary Katherine did try to protest but in those days when he makes you feel all tingly under the skirts you are kind of as good as married no matter how I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t you think you are. We are introduced to the rest of the Adams who will have following books in the series and Jacobs little sister is a character!

This story did go by a little fast, I loved the backstory and the history the author created, man if this was full length OMG. I think the shortness may have contributed to some of the issues like the heroine saving herself, stuff like that and quick wrap ups to black moments.

Straight to the Swagger: Quick cute historical romance read no skimp on the backstory.


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