Romance Genre Haters Getting Me Down

Romance Haters

I do not know about you but I have been reading romance for some time and one thing that has never changed is the romance genre haters.

Percent of Readers sharing with friends romances they are reading

Now I have to be careful who I share with

I am tired of people who do not read romance or any sub-genre of romance telling me what real literature is or that what I am reading is garbage or porn. The use of the P word drives me nuts and is the sign of someone who has no clue. It hurts when it is coming from someone who knows that you actually love reading romance or how important it is to you. I mean really? No F%#king Really?

You read Nicholas Sparks? Oh there is no sex in there right? Mmmmm

Oh You read Patterson, oh okay? Again nothing in there?

Like do you think all 300 pages of the novel I am reading has the heroine flat on her back? You think I have one brain cell and that is all it would take to keep me stimulated?

I have always been of the mind I like what I like and my immediate family has my back one hundred percent but I had some hate thrown my way by the most surprising of people lately. Good thing I have a book con coming up, I could read-360-pagesuse a little fellow book-lover love!

Also why do people assume just because you read something you want to do it? I mean dag, If you read about a dude jumping off a cliff in a book should I assume you also want to jump off a cliff… Just saying.

Fairy Tale Magic Hop (Bookswagger Stop/Giveaway)

fairy tale hop bookswaggerWelcome to the Fairy Tale Magic Hop!

I have spent my time wisely, the wise reader I am, reading a collection of naughty fairy tales with a bdsm twist. Grown folks need only apply for this read!

We have all read the Disney version of tales like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood those are the most popular (for me) I am to old to talk about Frozen, okay!

I read a Princess Bound (Naughty Fairy Tales for Women), Kristina Wright (Editor), Cathy Yardley (Foreword)

I loved this. I really do not like to rate books for hops but this was a good one! Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. The one thing that would make this better is pictures. I really think this would make a great coffee table book. These stories were fantastic and they opened with one of their best Sealed by Laila Blake made be cry (but if you ever see me in public I will deny it, promise you that). I couldn’t figure out which fairytale it was based off of. I am leaning toward Little Mermaid but some of the stories were like that which made it fun for me, not sure about you (hence the four crowns). Another one of my favorites was Locks by Tahira Iqbal.

A Princess BoundStraight to the Swagger: Some of the fairy tales picked up after the HEA, so if you don’t know that the princess married the soldier and that kind of thing would bother you then your out of luck but if you like a good short story with a variety of couples in different stages of life. Then dive right in A Princess Bound has you covered.

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Release Party My Viking Vampire, Krystal Shannan (Giveaway/Paranormal Romance)

My Viking Vampire, Krystal Shannan

Tourwide Giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

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My Viking Vampire Krystal ShannanSanctuary, Texas

Bailey Ross’ world is crumbling around her. Her abusive ex, a human, is closing in on her again, and to make matters worse, a new enemy, a djinn, is stalking her. This supernatural being takes great pleasure in human pain, something Bailey has in excess thanks to her ex. If she’s caught by either, she’s as good as dead.

Backed into a corner and desperate to escape, she does something she swore wouldn’t ever be possible again –trusting a man. And he’s a vampire.

Protection via the sexy vampire Erick Thorson may prove to be a little more than she bargained for. Sparks fly between them and she finds herself agreeing to more than just protection. Though he has promised not to let anyone harm her, the small west Texas town is more than it seems and he may not be able to make good on his vow no matter how hard he tries.

Will Sanctuary be the home Bailey longs for or will she have to die to find out? Read the rest of this entry

My neighborhood has a Little Library

My neighborhood has a Little Library

If you do not know what a little library is, it is like a over large bird house, they can come in some pretty adorable aCaelan at the Little Librarynd funky designs, it just depends on your hood. Well I was on my way to the grocery store and I noticed one in my hood. Excited party of one, now came the dilemma of deciding what book or two to add. I mean I could not be selfish and turn my whole hood into romance fiends…Right?

The whole concept of the Little Library is to add a book for others to read and then you can take a book, the good ole honor system. I had to explain that to my nephew last night, but only twice. You see he wanted to take a book but I brought two so we were covered. In all fairness he was along for the ride he did not understand it until he saw it.

The two books I added to the collection.

A Personal Matter, Karyn LanghorneOne A Personal Matter by Karyn Langhorne. I enjoyed this book it is a reread for me even though it is only told from the heroine’s point of view, but I really feel it will fit the neighborhood, which is a mix of college students, middle to lower income, elderly and very ethnic. (Check out my review).

I also added a newer book Tangled (Tangled, 1) by  Emma Chase. I have not read it but it is really hot right now and I see some good reviews on it. It is very shiny, and sometimes covers attract readers and I want to attract readers to the Little Library!

Do you have a Little Library in your hood? What book would you add? I wrote a little note to include in A Personal Matter, I just wanted the person to know why I chose the book and why I love reading, I want a book pen pal!

The Highlander’s Bride Trouble, Mary Wine (Review/Historical Romance)

thehighlandersbridetrouble-270x427The Highlander’s Bride Trouble, Mary Wine

Nareen Grant is hiding out, or not exactly hiding more like choosing the role of ladies maid rather than role of wife. Her brother Kael sent her to her cousins underground brothel (unbeknownst to him) and she still has some baggage. She escaped the fate of having her maidenhead sold but the Highlander Saer MacLeod still wants to court her even with her past.

Saer the savage Highlander now Laird, cannot get Nareen Grant out of his mind. He knows what it is like to have a savage past and he admires her strength. When most fear him she has spirit. He plans to court her, she is the family he wants.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I was sad. I have to admit this one was okay, not a reread for me and I do tend to reread Mary Wines older historical romances but this will not be one of those. Not that I did not like any of the characters it was just a little boring and I did not understand why. I am not sure if it was because most of the conflict was internal, although Nareen was kidnapped by another honorable Scot for like a blink. If you love historicals and like to keep up with the series give it a go. I have only read book one in the series so you can definitely jump in or jump around.

Straight to the Swagger: Had all the historical romance elements but did not love it, you might want to save your duckies. Okay read.

Rugged Riders, Ambrielle Kirk (Giveaway/Blast)

I have yet to read any of this authors contemporary titles, I was actually surprised she dipped outside of paranormal romance. So here is the blast that caught me up with Ambrielle Kirk.

Giveaway (tourwide sponsored by author):a Rafflecopter giveaway

Grand Prize: 10 winners (1 ebook copy of any title from Ambrielle Kirk backlist)

DrivenbyDesire 500x750Driven by Desire (Rugged Riders, #1) TakenbyTemptation 500x750 (1)Taken by Temptation (Rugged Riders, #2) SeducedbySin 500x750Seduced by Sin (Rugged Riders, #3) Coming Soon
Tanya gets in way over her head when she decides that the cure to herlovesickness includes playing the field to her advantage. She vows to enjoy one reckless night with a man to help rid her mind of the ex who trashed her heart. There is one who fits the bill…Marcus is the complete opposite of Tanya’s ex. As a member of Rugged Riders, a notorious biker club, he and his brothers are known for their street-savvy swagger and their wicked ways with women. When they first meet up, Tanya and Marcus attain a mutual understanding, and she knows just what to expect from him–a thrill ride when she needs it and nothing more. When Tanya finds out that Marcus has more in common with her ex than she thought, she sets up even more barriers to guard her heart.
Not only is Marcus a beast in bed and a thrill seeker behind his bike, he dominates in the boardroom as CEO of multi-million dollar company, Svelte Technologies. He’s no stranger when it comes to the game of pursuing what he wants. And Marcus wants Tanya for real and in his life exclusively.Tanya will need more than just a helmet when she’s driven by desire.
Zaira Wright loves getting her way, but that doesn’t mean she won’t work for it. She’s only a few assignments shy of making partner at her firm–and she intends to do just that. All her plans are in order until her father does the unthinkable and hires Trent Stone as the new CFO of Svelte Technologies.Zairais forced to work with him, but her temper isn’t the only thing growing hot when she can’t agree with him. Every time they’re in the same room together, she melts under his heated stare.Trent scores a lucrative position at his most trusted mentor’s company. He’s been vying for the chance to prove himself loyal not only through their brotherhood and connection to Rugged Riders, but also in the boardroom. There is one woman he craves more than a leadership role and her name is Zaira. The only problem is…she doesn’t want to settle down, but her hot temper sets his libido on fire.
Zaira’s world gets complicated when she’s taken by temptation. She’ll need more than book smarts to successfully escape a rogue. 
Amazon/BN/iTunes/ARe Amazon/BN/iTunes/ARe Coming Soon


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