Long Shot, Cara Bristol (Spanking Review)

Long-Shot-FinalLong Shot (Corbin Bend), Cara Bristol

Abby Delaney has been with only one man and after divorcing him she moved to Corbin Bend unbeknownst to her an old-fashioned community to work in her aunt’s antique store.

The community is home to Harris Montgomery, he is charming and an upstanding local business man, everything Abby’s ex is not. Harris loves the values the community stands for and the submissive side they bring out in Abby.

Abby has always had to be the responsible one in the relationship and finds herself enjoying being able to lean on Harris consequences and all. But when her ex brings follows and brings more trouble will, her new relationship and lifestyle stand the test.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. It is hard when you measure an author against her own five crown review constantly this was a quick cute read and I enjoyed it, a tame way to introduce someone to spanking romances without freaking them out. Abby knows how to take care of herself and others, I mean she basically raised a grown man, got married young and had to drag the douche along her entire marriage. Harris presents an entirely different point of view and I enjoyed seeing her dealing with that change.

Straight to the Swagger: This is a nice quick read, you can get lost in the plot with true black moments and spankings. We all like spankings right or I would not be having to deal with that darn fifty shades of grey movie coming out.

Mail Order Mayhem (Brides of Beckham Book 1), Kirsten Osbourne (Review)

mailordermayhemstandard-682x1024Mail Order Mayhem, Kirsten Osbourne

Maude is desperate, she has to marry her father’s boss at the bank, he is repulsive and a bully. He asks for her hand, but she does not have the right to say no! She decides to take her chance and become a mail order bride, taking her chance on the first letter that catches her eye.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I have always been a fan of those sweet romances. They are where most of us long time romance readers started. For me this was American girl, Sarah Plain and Tall all grown up and I fell in love with the author when she had the heroes history include life as a box car kid, I hugged my kindle…ahhh the memories. There are no sweeping clothes ripping love songs, the hero is a V as well as the heroine so, some awkward grappling and the elusive feeling escapes but this was a good read. It was free on Amazon and I went and bought book two. It was nice getting back to my roots of an innocent time, before I started reading all my juicy smut.

Straight to the Swagger: There is a black moment it is resolved super quick, this is not that kind of book, it is about the awkwardness of meeting someone and having to make it work cause boy meets girl and you really like them.

Alert: Free on Amazon

Curvy Temptation (Curvy Love, Book 1), Aidy Award (Review /Curvy BDSM)

22234023Curvy Temptation (Curvy Love, Book 1), Aidy Award

Vanessa wants to give the life a try. Her bestie is knees deep or at least she makes her men go knees deep as Mistress. Vanessa tendencies run the other way and she wants to experience being dominated, but as a bbw she does not want a man that is put off by her abundance of curves. Despite her besties assurance men are into all she has to offer, including Cade the Dom.

Cade loves and thrives on control and is not put off in the least by new subbie Vanessa’s size 20 package. He has a reputation for dominate them and leave them but he finds himself breaking his rules for Vanessa.

Vanessa finds herself running from Cade before he finds out she has feelings for him and we have all learned you never run from a Dom…Come on now!

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I enjoyed the dynamics of this read, it was funny and light hearted as well as spicy and this is where I got my dirty thirties from you’ll love. I enjoyed the take on the newbie emotions and how she fell for the Dom who cautioned her not to fall for him. Vanessa’s character was well evolved and I felt I truly knew what made her tick. The three stars is because I liked Cade, thought he was hot but just something was missing. But it’s all in the eye of the reader, I just felt I didn’t get to know him as well as I would have liked if that makes sense. Kind of wish they get a book two so I can see more of their dynamic and get to know Cade more, we got a lot of his background at the end.

Straight to the Swagger: This was a good one, there was humor which can be hard to find in these bdsm books, that takes talent.

Bookswagger meet the Social Bloggers (Hop/Giveaway)

new hop buttonThis is the let’s get to know each other hop. You will probably never see me reviewing a book with this in the blurb

“Can two broken and damaged people”

I am just not about that life.

I love romance, its obvious right. I lean towards the light but I’m loving MC books lately. I think its because I want a motorcycle (hopefully by next summer, I will be road ready). I enjoy reading most subgenres in romance including: Paranormal, MC/IR, BDSM and spanking/domestic discipline, science fiction, and historical…Basically everything. I have to admit I have not been able to get into YA/New Adult, I tried but it just does not pull me in and that is the point of romance. MEI have read a whole lot of stinkers but I prefer not to post about them, I am the only Bookswagger and I just do not have the time. I try to post once a week but love being able to do two. But you know I work a job that sucks the_______ (you can fill in the blank, if you work with me or you are my boss then it sucks all the sadness out of me, I mean every last drop).

I will be at AAD Charlotte next month so hopefully I will actually take pictures and if you will be there we have to say hey or something!


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Some Fun Facts about Me, Bookswagger Marcia:

  1. I have a B.S. in dirt “cough” I meant Motorsports Management
  2. I attended my first romance con last year which led to me attending another con where I saw some demos (whippings occurred) poor dude, he was bad.
  3. I want a Harley!
  4. I am in my dirty thirties (but so far they have been much to clean).
  5. I just love the new things I have tried because I have met people through reading. It’s a cool, cool world. Romance readers are some of the most open in the world.

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Monroe (Skinwalkers 7), Susan Bliler (Audio Review)

Monroe (Skinwalkers 7), Susan Bliler

Eden Warden a game hunter has no love for CEO, Monroe StoneCrow. He is building to close to her property, much to her disgust. She knows he is up to something and as law enforcement for the area he will have to answer to her.

Monroe StoneCrow is the dominant skinwalker. No one challenges him and he always gets what he wants.

He has no idea the thorn in his side Eden, is his Angel, the keeper of his soul. He is drawn to her take no prisoners personality and means to have her. She can run things in her world, but when it comes to the bedroom he is charge, nonnegotiable.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I really enjoyed this listen. Eden was assertive, caring and open to reason. I love that in an alpha female. Hate when they make them so aggressive they look ridic and this author was far away from that, so loved it.

Eden the adopted mother of three and Warden is tough, the right match for the dominant Monroe. It was sexy seeing them butt heads and her leave him bewildered (he was so not used to someone challenging him). This story was about the plot and the romance between Eden and Monroe. There are some closed door love scenes and some hot steamy, someone should lock the door love scenes. I felt it was the perfect blend to keep the story moving.

 Straight to the Swagger: I jumped in this book at book 7 and had no trouble enjoying and picking up the background on skinwalkers. I like the history of the people and plan on going back to read book one. If you like strong assertive females who melt for a good alpha then you should check it out.

On the Narrator: Erin Mallon was cool. She did the male/female well, no complaints. First time listing to her.

His Woman, Sam Crescent (MC/IR Review)

his-womanHis Woman, Sam Crescent

Drake cannot understand why Rachel ignores, avoids and all out runs from him. Women find him attractive yet Rachel goes out of her way to be polite but distant.

Rachel finds Drake to be more than she can handle. After a relationship gone wrong in the city, she has resigned herself to a single life living with her father on her family’s ranch in Crest Hill.

Drake knows what he wants, he has never been shy about it and will not let Rachel’s fear or her overprotective fathers shotgun stop him from claiming the woman he knows is meant to be his.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. This was a cute read, I found it interesting how the author weaved in Rachel’s parents romantic history. Her father is white and her mother was AA and it was unheard of in their time, especially in the small community they reside in. Rachel and Drakes romance moved pretty darn fast. They knew of each, a product of growing up in the same small town and we are definitely getting the vibe Drake is ready to do what he has to do to make Rachel his after she avoids him for the second time. He is willing to go slow since she is the big V…Yes, I know annoying to some readers in romance land.

Straight to the Swagger: It was alright. The heroine was extremely innocent. Did not know her own beauty and you hear about her overprotective father and his shotgun a lot…So here is another read that can be used for the reading drinking game. Every time you read shotgun. Throw one back for Bookswagger!


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