Dark and Deadly: Eight Bad Boys of Paranormal Romance Multi Author Boxed Set (Giveaway/Blast)

Since we were talking about .99 cent box sets on Sunday figured I would share the love and the chance to win this one (just leave email address below).

(Description/Excerpt provided)

DarkAndDeadly_3DBundle_800pxDark and Deadly: Eight Bad Boys of Paranormal Romance Boxed Set is now available worldwide for a special introductory price of only $0.99!

This ebook boxed set of eight hot paranormal romances by eight New York Times and USA Today best-selling romance authors features powerful alpha male bad boys who will satisfy your darkest, most deadliest desires.

Here’s more about this fantastic eight book boxed set, including an excerpt from one of the stories.

Dark and Deadly: Eight Bad Boys of Paranormal Romance is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks stores and other retailers for. Find the links to your preferred retailer at: Here

Dark and Deadly: Eight Bad Boys of Paranormal Romance

By Jennifer Ashley, Alyssa Day, Felicity Heaton, Erin Kellison, Laurie London, Erin Quinn, Bonnie Vanak and Caris Roane
Eight hot paranormal romances by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Alpha-male bad boys will fulfill your darkest, most deadliest desires in these stories about shifters, werewolves, vampires, magic, special powers and other realms. But only if you dare…

BODYGUARD by Jennifer Ashley

Elizabeth Chapman is saved from an armed attacker by a Kodiak bear who shifts into a tight-bodied, naked human male. Ronan takes Elizabeth to Shiftertown, becoming her 24/7 bodyguard. The mateless Ronan has adopted a houseful of orphaned Shifters–having grown up in foster care, Elizabeth is touched by his protectiveness. Ronan only wants to keep Elizabeth safe, but the sassy woman is triggering his long-buried need to mate.


He’s a warrior, hardened by years of protecting his town from vampire attack. She’s a garden witch who sees the world in shades of sunshine and delight. Opposites don’t only attract, they go supernova in this sizzling tale of magic and mayhem.

BEWITCH by Felicity Heaton

A vampire with a bloodstained past and a soul tainted with darkness, Payne is perfect in his self-control, never surrendering to his darkest desires. Now a beautiful witch in the shadowy fae underworld reawakens long denied hungers and tempts him with pleasure. When one incredible night of fulfilling their fantasies leads to more than just keeping a promise and saving a friend, will they be able to overcome the barriers that stand between them and forever?

DARKNESS FALLS by Erin Kellison

Agent Malcolm Rook is hunting for people with the rarest of talents—the ability to master dreams. He finds the undeniably gifted Jordan Lane, but she’s wary of mysterious Rook and resists his pursuit as long as she can. Yet the dreamwaters they enter are too exhilarating to resist, and attraction soon ignites electric passions. Delving too deep stirs a nightmare, one they must defeat, or be forever lost to darkness.

ROGUE’S PASSION by Laurie London

Blaming himself for the death of a friend, Iron Guild warrior Asher Kane vows to bring those responsible to justice. After he’s hurt on a mission and nursed back to health by a beautiful yet mysterious woman, this dangerously sexy bad-boy finds himself falling for Olivia…even as he struggles to stay away. But stalking them on the streets of New Seattle is a cruel and vengeful evil—one that threatens to destroy them both…


Alex’s mission: Kill the hellhounds that have invaded earth and return to his home in the Beyond. But from the start, things go horribly wrong. The hounds are cunning and a human female witnesses their attack—she intervenes and saves Alex’s life. Now he must keep the alluring Lilly alive while fighting his desire for her. When passion flares, Alex risks all to protect her and defend the forbidden life he craves.

THE MATING HEAT by Bonnie Vanak

Werewolf Kara Mitchell fled with her brother Aiden to Montana after their alpha father punished her for kissing sexy omega werewolf Ryder Carrington. Left scarred by her father’s cruelty, Kara believes no one can love her. After killing his alpha to save the pack, Ryder now rules, but needs a mate. His blood runs hot for Kara. Ryder will do anything to claim her, even risk an all-out pack war that could cost them everything…

TRAPPED by Caris Roane

Mastyr Vampire Zephyr, a one-man fighting force, struggles to save the life of a woman who despises his warrior ways. She’s been a thorn in his side, but he has one goal: to keep her safe. For Alesia, however, she just wishes he’d leave her alone since she can never approve of his profession. She broke up with him months ago and wants to start a new life. The trouble is, he’s still the one man who can curl her toes.


Fragrant pine and delicious warmth surrounded her. For the first time since Aiden had spirited her away that awful night, she felt happy.

The scent of pine and fresh rain grew stronger. Kara struggled to keep the peaceful feeling intact, knowing it would evaporate like morning mist.

“Wake up sweeting.”

The deep voice rubbed across her skin like the brush of dark velvet. Forcing her eyes open, she struggled to remember her surroundings.

Ryder perched on the bed’s edge, regarding her intently. He looked sexy and dangerous. A shaft of sunlight touched his tousled brown hair, streaking it with chestnut. Amusement danced in his blue eyes.

“The sleeping Lupine awakens for her first kiss. But alas, the first kiss already took place and the handsome prince was punished for his daring,” he murmured.

She went to rub her eyes, and realized her wrists were still handcuffed. “How long was I out?”

“Thirty minutes. I wanted to remove the handcuffs, but you looked too peaceful. I didn’t want to wake you.” His mouth quirked. “You look so lovely when you’re tied up. Very delicious and helpless. I’d like to eat you up.”

Intensely sexual, his body was hard and tempting. Made a woman want to hold him close as he devoured her mouth. She fisted her hands, fighting the instinctual Lupine urge to surrender to sensual need.

“You’re too thin,” he observed, boldly placing a hand on her belly. “I need to fatten you up before I devour you.”

Kara gave a bitter laugh. “Too thin? That’s a first. I’m large as an ocean liner.”

His gaze grew intent. “Lupine females were made to be lush and curvy. Your body is ripe for receiving mine, and for bearing young. There is nothing wrong with you that rest and a good hearty meal won’t cure.”

“Give me a steak and we’ll call it even. I’ll skip dessert. Maybe I can have it later, at my brother’s house when you return me.”

His voice dropped to a dark whisper. “I’m not returning you, sweeting. But you can be dessert. I have a tube of edible oil I plan to use later, when I massage you all over. And then lick it all off.”

Her lower belly tightened as she imagined Ryder smoothing hot oil over her body, lingering and slow, a sensual caress as he rubbed and stroked…

Blinking away the erotic image, she shook her head. “You underestimate me.”

“And you underestimate my determination. I want you, Kara. You will be my mate.”

Her mouth went dry. “Is that a proposal? Hardly romantic.”

Ryder’s smile widened. “I can be very romantic. But you know I’ve always been direct when it comes to speaking my mind.”

Kara held up her wrists. “Still planning to keep me prisoner? Maybe you’ll toss me into one of Alastair’s old cells.”

“I closed that section of the basement. First act I did upon taking over.”

He came closer, so close he threatened to drown her in his rich scent. His big body was aggressive and filled with purpose. But the hand he placed on her scarred cheek was gentle.

Ryder ran a thumb across the ruined flesh of her cheek. His touch felt sensual and drugging. She wondered what the smooth stroke of his tongue would feel like between her legs…

“We will be lovers,” he said softly. “You will become my mate, Kara. You cannot fight what is between us any more than I can. You know you were meant for me.”

Slow, seductive images, hands stroking over her shuddering, wet flesh, filled with erotic promise…

Stop it!

Kara spoke in a firm tone. “Take off the handcuffs.”

“We could leave them on. Just for fun.”

“Take them off.”

“Come now, Kara. Don’t you want to play with the wolf?”

Grab the boxed set for just $0.99 to read this story and seven others…Dark and Deadly: Eight Bad Boys of Paranormal Romance check it out here





Before The Storm, Claire Ashgrove (Giveaway/Blast Thought You Might Like It)


Before The Storm, Claire Ashgrove

(Book Description Provided)  She held no faith in magic.  Now, fate is calling her…

Halle Rhoads has a terrifying gift–she can kill with the fury of the storm.

She should have known that kind of power wouldn’t go unnoticed. Thrust into a world full of dark magic with a handsome stranger who claims he can teach her, she struggles to master her abilities and stumbles onto a dangerous truth. She’s a windwalker, the chosen vessel of the ancient dragons who once ruled the world. Many will stop at nothing to possess the power in her blood, should they discover her secret.  With necromancers hunting her and Halle’s closest allies guarding secrets, mastering her magic becomes a matter of necessity.

But accepting her destiny is altogether different.  For doing so means she must sacrifice everything.

Amazon US  Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AU Barnes and Noble  Print Version


“Halle.” Kale sighed. “We can’t have this conversation here. There’s too many ears around. Come with me, and I’ll explain in private.”

It was all I could do to not burst out with a derisive laugh. Seven years of living on the streets taught a girl that private encounters with would-be kindly strangers usually left girls dead. “Do you think I’m stupid? I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“I’m afraid you don’t have much choice.” He rose to his feet, his voice strangely low and hushed.

Instinct warned me to step back as he approached. My heart kicked several beats, and I reached for the knife I usually kept in my back pocket. My fingers fumbled with the button that held the pocket closed. Before I could work it free, Kale had invaded my personal space. One large hand reached for me.

I whirled to run.

He caught me by the wrist. I skidded to a stop after less than a foot. Panic infused me, and I jerked on my arm. I couldn’t overpower this guy, not like the skinny, crack-addicted street thugs who gave me trouble now and then. Everything clicked into place in one, heart-stopping burst of reality. He had been chasing me. Now he had me. And I couldn’t get away.

I was not going to die out here in the woods, damn it!

With all my strength, I kicked my leg back, hoping to connect with some vital part of his body and he’d drop to the ground. Instead, my heel jammed into his calf, but he’d moved so close I couldn’t have possibly done him significant damage. He didn’t even let out a grunt.

Instead, he moved into me, wound both arms around my torso, and trapped my back against his chest. “Halle, be still,” he whispered, “Look.” Releasing one arm, he pointed at the hilltop in front of us.

I lifted my gaze and met the unblinking stare of two, glowing red eyes. I had to be imagining things. Or the absence of light was playing tricks on my eyes. I blinked, shook my head, and looked again.

Now, two sets stared down at us.

Kale’s hand fisted around mine. His hushed voice filled my ears. “Run!”

I stumbled as he jerked me sideways. But two steps later, I matched his ground-covering stride, my long legs an easy pairing with his. Sapling branches snapped against my shoulders, whipped alongside my cheek. I didn’t feel them.

For the first time in my life, I was afraid.

BeforeTheStorm_tour2aGiveaway (tour-wide) As part of Before the Storm’s release celebration, Claire’s sponsoring a giveaway of a $15.00 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate.  All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below.  In addition, she have several other opportunities over the next two weeks to win more prizes.  To see complete tour dates, and the other release-week events, check out the Before The Storm Tour Schedule!

More About Claire Ashgrove check her out on Twitter or Facebook

Box Sets Here, There, Everywhere (romance genre)

rrI have been swamped with work lately, drowning would be a better term, so my books for reviews are piling up. Well I wanted to take a brain break and read something were it can suck it and I do not have to feel ahhh man about it. When I noticed my kindle is loaded down with box sets. Now I know I get a little click happy when I see all those box sets for the limited price of .99, yes 99 cents but what started out as a few authors doing this has turned into… What girl you mean you are not in a box set, then you are not writing (I kid, I kid), but no really.

Do you read box sets all the way through? Do you pick and choose? Will you buy an author’s box set when she is basically re-releasing the series, just bundled in a box set?

Just wondering.

(So far though Alphas is a good one, lol and I got it for 99 cents, see I need help)

Alpha Male Madness Hop (Bookswagger Stop)

The Alpha Male, the dude who hooked me

the alpha male

Keep Hopping click on picture

He shows up in my erotic romance reads wielding a paddle

In my science fiction romances running an alien world

As a dominant male shifter showing you why he is at the top of the food chain

I may stray but I always come back to the ALPHA

Right now I am really feeling author Georgette Sinclair she writes contemporary alpha shifters (meaning they know woman have sense, her newest book Pixie the Lion Tamer is currently .99 on Amazon) and funny romance as well as Roxie Riveria Mafia and spin off series (book one Ivan is still free on Amazon). These two women are new to me and they are not putting it out fast enough.

Giveaway: $5.00 Amazon GC just comment say hi, any authors you want to recommend, series or just shout out an alpha its all good. Leave email address.

Hop Grand prize Giveaway:$ 100.00 GC Entry-Form

Keep Hopping: LINK

Talkin Sexy, Yvette Hines (Review/Interracial Romance)

TalkinTalkin’ Sexy, Yvette Hines

Ka’Lee the responsible one, the play it safe and do the right thing one is in need of a change. Her siblings are marrying off much to her traditional parents delight, while she is aging right along with the senior citizens she offer relationship counseling to. An opportunity to use her sex counseling background to land a new job on Landon Kane’s station as a sex expert is just what she needs to shake up her life.

Landon needs a sex expert; he needs one with the credentials to make his show legit. He needs Ka’Lee, he wants Ka’ Lee. He makes it his personal mission to show her the delights of putting her knowledge into practice. Anything for the sake of the show and the company he built out of nothing, wanting her has nothing to do with it.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. This was a good one. I knew going in about Ka’Lee’s lack of knowledge and knew this turned some of my fellow readers off. I was expecting to not like it as well. I do not know if it was a case of forewarned forearmed but I enjoyed that aspect of the book and it was kind of realistic. I know so many friends graduating with degrees but without the actually real world experience to back up their book knowledge it was not too far-fetched for me.

Ka’ Lee is a practical girl who is all about the good of the family, she sacrificed a lot in the name of family and missed out on some things normal college age kids would have experienced. I am happy she did because Landon was the one to teach her making for some interesting conversation and tricks. Do not get me wrong she is not a “V” so she knows a little something, something but it was nice. Talkin’ Sexy had some meat to it, the story was not just about sex. We are treated to funny dialogue and playful love scenes making Ka’Lee and Landon falling for each other realistic.

Straight to the Swagger: Cute interracial, multicultural read although they are talking sex, we have plot and dialogue people.

The Exchange Part I, N. Isabelle Blanco (Cover Reveal Giveaway/ SciFi Erotic Romance)

ex1coverThe Exchange Part I, N. Isabelle Blanco

Book Description (Provided) Project Sapphire: The World’s first AI. A top-secret project exposed to a select group of scientists. Lei Heaton, a man desperate to save his daughter, is at the top of the bionics empire. He not only hired the team to repair his daughter’s damaged body, he plans to reanimate her dead mind using the Sapphire AI.

 A dangerous man—a killer that is no regular human…

 Maxwell Landon—codename: Deimos—is the Adelphi Organization’s top agent. His M.O is simple: Never fail. He’s used to annihilating anyone that gets in his way. But this time, he’s being called to protect and deliver. Deimos is aware that this mission won’t be like any other. Then he lays eyes on the resurrected Ms. Heaton, and instantly he knows:

That is not Magdalena Heaton.

And he will never be the same again.

Control, his most prized possession, is ripped from him with a single glance…

The violent attraction he feels for the girl complicates matters immediately. But what Deimos doesn’t know is that things are about to get much worse. Sapphire isn’t just a completely different person than the dead Ms. Heaton—she’s the AI miracle of the century. An advancement that many would kill to own.

Including himself, no matter how hard he fights against it.

A girl determined to protect her creator. A man determined to protect her…

Despite the fact that she is not Magdalena, Sapphire is bent on taking her place as Mr. Heaton’s daughter in order to keep her creator safe. Deimos knows that he has to honor her wish. But the thing inside him is demanding more. More than a touch. A lot more than a taste. It responds to everything about her…every stuttered breath that lets him know she wants him as much as he wants her.

Giveaway (tour wide) :  2 $0.99 Amazon GC, 2 ARC copies of The Exchange Part 1 a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the author N. Isabelle Blanco you can find her at Facebook/twitter/GR


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