Review|Strange Lake Falls Vampire

Review|Strange Lake Falls VampireStrange Lake Falls Vampire by KD Jones
on May 17, 2014
Genres: Multicultural Romance
Pages: 117
Source: Self
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In one night, Jackie Copley-Tegan’s normal ordinary life turned upside down. Her teenage daughter, Samantha, falls for the wrong guy, which nearly ended in tragedy. Both mother and daughter thrust into a new and unfamiliar world where werewolves and vampires are thriving among humans.

Jackie will have to draw on every bit of strength she has in order to protect her only child, and learn how to cope with the changes in her life. Amongst the chaos a single piece of stability in the form of a young-looking, gorgeous five hundred year old vampire, rattles her to the core, and leaves her wondering just where her place is now.

Adrian Belliveau rarely finds a reason to enjoy his life anymore, so when the pretty woman who is meant to be his mate enters the picture he embraces his destiny with open arms. They both will get more than they bargain for, as they combat lust, love, and jealousy to put down roots in an ever changing world.

Okay, I was truly done with vampires but I thought why not give it another try because I really do not want to throw away an entire subgenre.

Strange Lake Falls Vampire caught my attention because the heroine is 45 and raising a teenage daughter who gets turned by her shifter douche of a boyfriend against her will, queue some problems.

Jackie was a believable heroine and I really liked her, I mean she turns into a vampire and looks like a hotter version of her and likes to wear a few less clothes totally realistic and funny. Things that make this a cute funny read are people thinking she is robbing the cradle at first, even though her love interest the hot vampire Adrian Belliveau is over 500 years old.

This is a quick read and we are introduced to shifters and vampires who will inhabit Strange Lake Falls, I enjoyed it. What lead to the three stars is the rush. I get the insta love that does not bother me. I mean I am a romance reader. I can suspend belief it was insta resolve on conflict between them that bothered me. I did not see the point of creating conflict between the happy couple if it was going to be resolved so quickly. But this was a different read glad I gave it a chance.


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