Why I love SFR and the -ish I don’t Like

I love Science Fiction Romance, it is one of those things I stumbled upon early with gateway author Johanna Lindsey. Say what you will about Johanna Lindsey, but for many readers of the romance genre, she was the author who introduced them to other sub-genres and for me it was SFR. SFR gave me options, […]

Love Between The Covers (review)

Love between the Covers  When I saw the documentary would be showing at a local library I hit up my romance reading crew and checked it out. Everything I expected to see was in it, even a little more and everything I did not expect to see I was not surprised not to see. The […]

Keep the books, Let them go or Purge

Hold on to the Books or let them go… I just currently moved and I am the type of person, I can let stuff go or at least I like to believe I can. My storage unit well let me be completely honest both of them were majority books. I do read with a kindle […]

Romance Genre Haters Getting Me Down

Romance Haters I do not know about you but I have been reading romance for some time and one thing that has never changed is the romance genre haters. I am tired of people who do not read romance or any sub-genre of romance telling me what real literature is or that what I am reading […]

My neighborhood has a Little Library

My neighborhood has a Little Library If you do not know what a little library is, it is like a over large bird house, they can come in some pretty adorable and funky designs, it just depends on your hood. Well I was on my way to the grocery store and I noticed one in […]

My Authors After Dark Savannah (experience)

My Authors After Dark Savannah (experience)  AADSAV was my first conference, I have been to events in my community but nothing on the scale of AAD. I am so happy I went and still have my post conference glow, even though my phone was forever lost on the last day (I almost made it). I […]

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