I Need a Latin Hottie for My Own Private Acts (Review)

Private Acts by Delaney Diamond was a spicy interracial romance based in Ecuador. Samirah Jamison met pillar of the community local artist Miguel Delgado and former bad boy, while working off her own woes on a vaycay/work trip in Ecuador Delgado‚Äôs country. The two meet and the connection instant although, Samirah fights it because she […]

Afterglow, Cherry Adair (Review)

Imagine a powerful drug appropriately named Rapture with the capabilities to not only have you lose your sexual inhibitions but cause death. For Rand Maguire a security specialist, this became a reality at a high-profile Hollywood wedding his agency was charged with securing. As the son of the founding chemist he knew the lethal and […]

The Slippery Slope to a Book Addict

I became interested in romance at an early age. They were the books with the happy ending. I read the normal little girl stuff. You know all about those bears, all American girls and those blonde chicks in the valley. In middle school I feel in love with Darrell Curtis from the Outsiders. I lived […]

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