Werewolf in Seattle the Lighter Side of Paranormal Romance (Review)

Werewolf in Seattle by Vicki Lewis Thompson heroine, Luna Reynaud assistant of the previous estate owner is preparing for the arrival of the estate heir Colin MacDowell. The estate is managed by a group of misfit werewolves, the only pack family Luna has ever known. Luna a half-breed has never been comfortable around humans or werewolves. […]

I Need a Latin Hottie for My Own Private Acts (Review)

Private Acts by Delaney Diamond was a spicy interracial romance based in Ecuador. Samirah Jamison met pillar of the community local artist Miguel Delgado and former bad boy, while working off her own woes on a vaycay/work trip in Ecuador Delgado’s country. The two meet and the connection instant although, Samirah fights it because she […]

Afterglow, Cherry Adair (Review)

Imagine a powerful drug appropriately named Rapture with the capabilities to not only have you lose your sexual inhibitions but cause death. For Rand Maguire a security specialist, this became a reality at a high-profile Hollywood wedding his agency was charged with securing. As the son of the founding chemist he knew the lethal and […]

The Slippery Slope to a Book Addict

I became interested in romance at an early age. They were the books with the happy ending. I read the normal little girl stuff. You know all about those bears, all American girls and those blonde chicks in the valley. In middle school I feel in love with Darrell Curtis from the Outsiders. I lived […]

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