Review| Tempting Jupiter, Charlee Allden

Review| Tempting Jupiter, Charlee Allden

Jupiter and Seneca were fantastic heroes, they were layered and just made for a wonderful read.  A story featuring multiple heroes/heroines can sometimes leave one character out in the cold but this one was well done. I was invested in everyone. I have to say, I love me some Fee ! At first I was not […]

Why I love SFR and the -ish I don’t Like

I love Science Fiction Romance, it is one of those things I stumbled upon early with gateway author Johanna Lindsey. Say what you will about Johanna Lindsey, but for many readers of the romance genre, she was the author who introduced them to other sub-genres and for me it was SFR. SFR gave me options, […]

Bout of Books Twenty| Read-a-thon

I have never done one of these social media reading challenges, for the same reason I rarely watch movies… The commitments]. But this one week-long versus a month and looks fun. I can do with some book fun and positivity, so here’s to me completing a book social media challenge including my blog and Instagram […]

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