I Need a Latin Hottie for My Own Private Acts (Review)

Genres: Multicultural Romance

Private Acts by Delaney Diamond was a spicy interracial romance based in Ecuador. Samirah Jamison met pillar of the community local artist Miguel Delgado and former bad boy, while working off her own woes on a vaycay/work trip in Ecuador Delgado’s country. The two meet and the connection instant although, Samirah fights it because she was recently burned and the burn is one of the reasons she is collecting herself in Ecuador.

Their romance made me want my own Latin hottie. I enjoyed Ecuador as the locale instead of the typical Mexico or Harlequin Argentina/Portugal destinations. The romance was spicy and I truly believed the two wanted each other even when Samirah was denying herself, I felt her angst. This book drove me to find others by this author, although from the others I read this was still my top pick. There is a book featuring Samirah’s sister Rebekah Jamison called Fight for Love who appears in Private Acts.

Bookswagger Marcia: four crowns, good read on the way to swagger.