Review: Off the Grid, Shyla Colt

Review: Off the Grid, Shyla ColtOff the Grid by Shyla Colt
on November 25, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 107
Source: Self
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After years of working at the local newspaper, Lilac Fehr found herself overlooked, underpaid, and ready for a change. All of the long hours and hard work had done nothing for career advancement. Skill meant nothing when the Editor-in–Chief was sleeping with the lead reporter.

After the passing of her beloved Gran, Lilac saw her life in a new light. Her demand for a raise and a new job title get her a dream assignment: a month long report on living off the grid. The only thing standing in the way of what she’s always dreamt of is veteran Marine sniper turned survivalist, Thorn Finch.

Looking to heal his wounds, the bearded town recluse shunned social interactions and purchased a spread deep in the Appalachian forest the moment he returned home after the military. The extreme changes the All-American, athletic youth with charisma and dimples had undergone made perfect fodder for small town gossip. Living off of the land helped him battle his demons, to the point he might be ready to open up.

A month alone in the woods could bring them both heartache and headaches, or an unexpected love neither imagined.

Off the Grid was super realistic and not just the over worked and under paid portion of Lilac Fehr life. I think what drew me into this story was, yes not many of us would want to live off the grid (although I have one friend who truly would, she is unique, in a great way) the characteristics that encompassed Lilac and Thorn made for believable people who we would expect to encounter in the real world.

This is a small town romance and we see that world created with these two having a limited past history which makes the fast paced romance between these two believable and easy to relax into without calling foul every time they kiss.

I personally enjoyed the intrusion of others into this couples romance, it was not over the top but made for interesting reading and kept you turning the page. There were some cute, funny one liners that made me sit up and laugh. I won’t be a spoilsport and give them all to you but here is one of my favorites below.

 “The thought of hot water on her skin, scrubbing her hair, and sitting on something other than the chilly ground was like a bar of chocolate to a woman on her period.”

All in all if you are a Colt reader, hesitant to try or haven’t read her in a while these new realistic titles Shyla Colt is putting out might have me hooked. You may want to give her a try.

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  1. Marcia

    I liked it, nice short read with some funny zingers and a not so typical heroine. Nothing you have to think to hard about…lol.

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